S&T Wagon Works Re-Releases

Quainton Road Models are pleased to announce a collaboration with S&T Wagon Works.

Under this arrangement, the S&T Wagon Works 7mm scale kits, which quickly sold out when first released, will become available again from Quainton Road Models. The original easy-to-build S&T kits produced excellent models of mainly GCR wagons and enquiries have been received about possible re-runs. Some revisions, enhancements and extra parts will be included in the new releases, such as detailed brake gear,number platesand illustrated instructions; the object being to deliver 'full' kits, without the builder having to hunt around to source appropriate parts.

The kits will be released in sequence; the first being the GCR 5-plank open wagon to diagram 8. Now available.

The order in which the remaining kits are produced will depend on customer demand, so go here to make your preferences known. The list of possible vehicles is to the right, with pictures of some earlier completed models below. Go here for further information on the subject of the kits, provided by Brian Wainwright.

GCR D8 5-plank open 025

GCR Diagram 8: 5-plank open - available now 38.00

GCR D6 3-plank dropside 023

GCR Diagram 6: 3-plank dropside

GCR D22b 7-plank coal 006

GCR Diagram 22b: 7-plank coal

GNR D1 4-plank open 004

GNR Diagram 1: 4-plank open

GCR D40 large cattle wagon GC+avb+cattle+wagon+001

GCR Diagram 40: large cattle wagon

David Howes 2016