Re-Release of GCRS&T Wagon Works GCR 5-plank open diagram 8

The original easy-to-build S&T kits produced excellent models of mainly GCR wagons. Some revisions, enhancements and extra parts are included in the Quainton Road Models version, such as detailed brake gear,number platesand illustrated instructions; the object being to deliver a 'full' kits, without the builder having to hunt around to source appropriate parts.

GCR D8 5-plank open 025

GCR Diagram 8: 5-plank open - available now

The images below show thecomplete range of former S&T Wagon works kits - unfortunately nolonger available.

GCR D6 3-plank dropside 023

GCR Diagram 6: 3-plank dropside

GCR D22b 7-plank coal 006

GCR Diagram 22b: 7-plank coal

GNR D1 4-plank open 004

GNR Diagram 1: 4-plank open

GCR D40 large cattle wagon GC+avb+cattle+wagon+001

GCR Diagram 40: large cattle wagon

David Howes 2019