S&T Wagon Works Detailing Kits

Following approaches from members of The Great Central Railway Society I have agreed to produce a number of add-on kits and number plates for the S&T Wagon Works 7mm range.

S&T Wagon Works GCR Open Carriage Truck D.1T5 This kit comprises not only the number plates but parts for brakelevers, V-hangers, brake pull rods, brake yokes, brake safety loops, wheel bars and restraining chains. Pictures here.Order herefrom Quainton Road Models. See also the notes in Product Alerts.

S&T Wagon Works GCR D.40 Large Cattle Truck - Number, Weight & Owner Plates


S&T Wagon Works CLC D.50 Large Cattle Truck - Number, Weight & Owner Plates

S&T Wagon Works GCR 3-Plank Dropside Open Wagon D.6 - Number Plates


S&T Wagon Works GCR 5-Plank Open D.8 - Number Plates - enquire if you are interested

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David Howes 2017