Current Program - 7mm Kits

Under Review

6-Wheel Vehicles of the MS&LR/GCR/LNER

These new kits are designed with separate body and underframe structures in etched brass with appropriate brass and whitemetal castings and other parts including prototypical wooden buffer beam material. The underframes have compensated Cleminson mechanisms, with full brake gear detail. Wheels are not included, but can be provided as special 6-wheel packs with appropriate inside bearings. Comprehensive illustrated instructions.

GCR 31ft Fish Van - Diagram 49
MS&LR/GCR/CLC 29ft Passenger Brake Van - Diagram 1Y2

Pack of 6 Slater’s finescale Mansell wheels/bearings for 6-wheel vehicles

Compensation for Royal Mail First and Recorded is limited to £50. If you require additional insurance please let me know.

These were originally offered in the 1990s as simple side-and-end etches. After further research, and complete revision and remastering they will be offered with the same design details as the kits above.

MS&LR/GCR 34ft 3-compartment Brake 3rd - Diagram 2A16
MS&LR/GCR 34ft 2-compartment Brake 3rd - Diagram 2A17

MS&LR/GCR 31ft 5-compartment 3rd - Diagram 2B8

MS&LR/GCR 32ft 4-compartment 1st - Diagram 2Q2
MS&LR/GCR 32ft Luggage Composite - Diagram 2K2A

In preparation:

GCR 45ft 15T Bogie Fish Van - Diagram 50/50A


Former S&T Wagon Works Kits - Now from Quainton Road Models

Incorporating the original detailed resin bodies with enhancements and extra parts included, such as compensated axles, detailed brake gear, number plates and illustrated instructions; the object being to deliver 'full' kits, without the builder having to hunt around to source appropriate parts. For more information on the possible re-releases click here.

Available now:

GCR 5-plank open wagon - Diagram 8

With options for different brake mechanisms, the through-piped version, and eight different number plates.



S&T Wagon Works Upgrade Kits

I am introducing a range of add-ons for S&T Wagon Works kits. These will include additional parts to enhance the appearance of the host kit. Contents will vary from kit to kit, but all will include running number plates and comprehensive illustrated instructions. 

If you have any S&T kits and would like to hear about progress on this project, please let me know which kits you are interested in. I will give priority to developing add-ons for the most requested kits.

Click here for more details


Accessories and Detailing Parts

I will be offering a selection of the unique parts used in my growing range of coach and wagon kits as accessories. This project is still in the planning stages.

Early Releases:

MS&LR/GCR Door Ventilator Bonnet for Standard 25in Doors
MS&LR/GCR Grease Tapered Axlebox with GCR Lettering and Separate Handle
MS&LR/GCR Door Handles
MS&LR/GCR Commode Handles

These accessories are faithful reproductions of the originals produced in a variety of materials, and can be used to enhance the appearance of kits you may already have that lack this level of accurate detail.


Metropolitan Railway

I am hoping to reintroduce new versions of a number of kits originally marketed in the 1990s, as well as a some completely new kits.


10 ton goods van 12’- 6” wheelbase
10 ton goods van 10
’- 6” wheelbase
6 ton 2-plank dropside ballast wagon
10 ton highsided goods wagon
10 ton lowsided goods wagon
Weighbridge Adjusting and Workshop Van

New kits:

Horsebox 1898/1904 build
Standard Cattle wagon
Large Cattle wagon


To help prioritise the order in which these kits come to market it would be most helpful if you could indicate your preference using the Contact form. There will be no obligation to purchase.

Subscription-only kit:

Metropolitan K Class 2-6-4T

This kit was planned, but only to be produced if there was enough interest. Unfortunately that has turned out not to be the case. So with some regret, the project has been abandoned. 


At the moment I cannot process orders online. Please use the Contact form to place your order, and I will respond by email to arrange payment details.


If you are interested in any of my future projects and wish to make a reservation use the Contact form. There is no charge for this. I will inform you when the kit becomes available. 


I you have any suggestions for a new GCR or Metropolitan kit let me know by using the Contact form.

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