Quainton Road Models - Background


About me: My name is David Howes.

I am a member of The Great Central Railway Society, The Historical Model Railway Society and The Gauge 0 Guild.

As a modeller, starting with Hornby-Dublo 3-rail in the 1950s, I always wanted to re-create some small part of the history of the area in which I grew up. This was not a personal nostalgia, as I had no first hand recollections of many of the subjects I wished to portray. The major influence that first the Great Central Railway’s London Extension and later the growth of Metro-Land had on the countryside close to my youthful years in Buckinghamshire, provided the basis of my interest.

But I was somewhat thwarted. As we moved into the early 1990s where were all the kits for the GCR and Met? (Actually today the GCR is well served with locomotive kits and Ken de-Groome is doing a good job producing Met locomotive andcoach kits). Turning this apparent setback into opportunity, Quainton Road Models was established as a hobby venture - the name taken from the junction station of the two railways of primary interest.

I initially traded during the 1990s, but then moved abroad. I have been back in the UK for fifteen years, and aiming to finish my range of kits for the Great Central and Metropolitan.

So I hope you will be able to enjoy my efforts to record something of our railway heritage.

Maybe I will soon be able to start to work on my own model of Quainton Road itself!

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